I spend 4 nights trying to connect my new Oculus Quest 2 to my PC and configured all bits and pieces together. What at glance was super straightforward end up having a few very annoying pitfalls which I will highlight here. I also will reference original articles which are very accurate and up to date, because do not see the reason why I should duplicate them here.

NOTE: If you are completely new to game development and 3d graphics in general, this article is too early for you to read. …

In fact, you can apply them to any job, but I don’t wanna confuse potential readers with technical terminology.

1. Know your tools

Regardless of the technology stack, you are using, you should understand it and be able to confidently talk about it.

For example, if you would say that you know TypeScript, you need to understand why would you use it. What are the advantages over alternatives, what it gives you and/or your team? Are the scenarios in which you would not use it, etc.

You know Rust? What is so special about it? …

More and more often, I would get emails about why people think Google choose Dart for Flutter. It seems, most of those articles written by people who just joined the Flutter crowd and did not follow Dart’s evolution from the very beginning. So, as a person who followed it from pretty much day one, I decided to write a few lines about why, do I think, Google preferred to use Dart to any other alternatives.

1. Dart was designed for the UI development and that is why it was chosen for Flutter.

WRONG. Dart was developed as an alternative to JavaScript to run in the Browser, and thus, the main goals were:

  1. To be able to compile…

The story of my transformation
The story of my transformation
My pictures taken in 2016 and 2.5 years after

From the very beginning

First, how do you describe “being young”? If it is a set of conditions like being able to run fast, climb the stairs without pain in your knees or painfully hard breathing, then I’ve turned old at the age of 15.

“You have joints as if you are already 50”

I remember it as if yesterday, a 15 year old kid standing in front of the doctor who just told him: “You have joints as if you are already 50”. To be honest, it did not sound like particularly important to me. Probably, when you are 15, you feel like everything is fixable.

She told me, that from now…

Before we start

And right from the start, let me clarify. By revolution, I mean not a revolution for the developer, though for us as well, but the whole WEB-industry itself.

Also, in this post, I will not try to convince you to use Flutter. You can love it or hate it, it does not matter in the context of this post. All I want to prove here is that the Flutter will disturb the whole WEB industry, or at least, this is something I want to believe is going to happen.


Recently, I had an opportunity to interview a huge amount of…


For my latest project I decided to use BLoC pattern. I would not say I am a big fan of it, but it seems it on the way to become the most popular state management solution in Flutter.

And when I started to work on remote request to the server (well, making stubs with simulating delayed response), I started to think about how to align BLoC with the way I handled the remote request in my React/Mobx applications.

In my old applications, this type of code will look something like this:

class ProjectsService
bool isPending;
List<Project> projects;


One and a half years ago Google turned Flutter to an officially production-ready technology by releasing version 1.0. So, even though they started to build it quite a while ago, for the community Flutter is young like a baby. And now it is actually going through many growing up phases very similar to those ReactJS had to face to.

And one of those phases is to find the widely accepted state management system which will be:

  1. Flutter-friendly
  2. Simple to learn and use
  3. Clean and elegant to read

While I worked on a few Flutter-based projects I tried few of the…

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